Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BON Rose Gulkand Toner Review. A GEM from BON Organics.

Did you ever get a crazy thought to dilute and spray the Fragrant 'Gulkand' on yourself? Nah...that would've been an 'Ant'ful disaster! :D

Gulkand: An edible Fragrant Sweet Preserve of Damask Rose.

But BON has come up with a much neater solution by creating this Rightly named 'Rose Gulkand' which is nothing but a simple Natural Rose water with zero chemicals. But....

What makes it special you ask?

The Fragrance! It is unlike any other Rose water you would've ever used. Oh my...it is so beautifully Fragrant!

Fresh Damask Rose with a hint of sugar. That is how i would describe the scent of this BON Rose Gulkand. It also has the Best Spray dispenser which doens't hit your face with the liquid like most of the other sprays available in the market. It sprays a super fine Mist. This little bottle here is a Rose flavoured GEM from BON Organics.

So, if you are a 'Rose' fan who is fed up with "Rose bouquet" descriptions of the Rose products available in the market then, hop on to bonorganics.com right now and order this GEM immediately. If you are an Indian, you have no shipping charges no matter how tiny your order is.

And there is another GEM from BON Organics coming your way tomorrow. ;)

Have you used BON Rose Gulkand? what was your experience? or Did you encounter any other Natural Rose product that impressed you like heaven? If Yes, Share with us in the comments section below.
Infinite Love,


  1. I have used Kama Rose Water but it has no smell sadly

    1. Then, Try this one Aishwarya...I am sure you will fall in love with it! <3 :)