Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter Review.

Let's see if the Do Bandars succeeded with this Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter for Humans. :D

Price: 200/- INR.


Notice the texture. And also 'Teddy'. I just now realized that he exists in there. :P <3 


At First Touch, you will scream your hearts out saying “Why on earth did I buy this piece of ‘Rock’ in the name of ‘Do Bandar Citrus Lip Butter’!?”  But once you know how to handle it, this will become your Sweet pot…Your most loved Lip-care Possession. Yes, I screamed too. Because, the lip butter was so hard that I had to swipe nearly 10-15 times to get a tiny bit of it on my finger and then after that, the second set of struggles begin – ‘Applying it on my lips’. It is so solid textured that I had to drag it so hard on my lips for it to get applied. And I had to repeat that step for nearly 6-8 times to cover every nook and corner of my lips. Obviously, I was exhausted.

But, I wanted to make it work somehow because, I felt that It will definitely be Amazing if only the texture was a little softer. So, I tried putting it in the sun to soften it but failed because, you know… Bangalore weather/Sun. :/ For the second trial, since I do not have a hair drier, I used the gas stove burner. I just held it at a comfortable height where I can handle the heat for 1-2 minutes. And…….Guess what! It Worked!

From then, This little tub of lip butter has become one of my most favourite Lip care possessions! Oh my…it amazingly seals the Moisture in your lips. Fills all the crevices and lines because of it’s texture and makes your lips look Smooth, Satin Matte and Magically Plump! Ah, I love it! It does give a faint ‘orange’ish overcast but that looks pretty too! And, it smells faintly of Sharp Orange.

Final words: In One Word- “SuperAmazinglyFantastic”! Ahem…that is definitely a Single Word. ;P :D

If you are an Indian, You can definitely have 1 minute patience because, this softens up Faster than Maggi noodles. Hence, You Qualify to Run and Get Your Hand on This little Tubby of Do Bandar Citrus Lip butter which is definitely worth more than 200/- INR.

Rating: If you are so Lazy that you can’t even cook Maggi, then: 4.5/5. And if you regularly cook maggi without any effort, then: 10/5.

Update: Do bandar told that after hearing so many complaints about the 'Hard' texture, they've made a Softer version of the lip butter! So, you need not qualify with Maggi noodles anymore! :D

Availability: for 180/- INR and

P.S: Psssttt…Did Maggi Ever Cook Under 2 Mins for you? If yes, I Bow Down to You! ;D

Have you used Do Bandar Lip Butters? Let me know in the Comments section below. And also don’t forget to Answer the Maggi Question. ;D

Infinite Love,


  1. I never used used this brand
    Sounds so nice
    Wish it were not so hard

    1. They have made a softer version of the balm jayanthi. Do give it a try. :)

  2. Magii has NEVER EVER EVER cooked under 2 min for me -it takes a good 30min if cooked properly with veggies
    as for the lip balm loved the sound of it <3

  3. Sounds so tempting. Will give it a try. And I have never been able to cook maggi under 2 minutes. It takes minimum 5 minutes for me :D

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    1. Do give this lip butter a try archugs. You will definitely love it. :) I guess nobody has ever been able to! :D