Monday, June 29, 2015

Neev Aloe Lavender Bodywash Review

Brand: Neev.

Price: Used to be Rs.85/- Now Rs.120/-

Quantity: 100 ml.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Fresh Aloe vera extract, Lye, Distilled water, and Scented with pure essential oils of Lavender, Rosewood oil and patchouli.

Ingredient safety: Safe.


Consistency: Thin runny liquid. 

Fragrance:  Sharp patchouli-Lavender with hints of Rosewood.

Packaging: sturdy but not travel friendly because of the cap.

Certification: Registered under 'Khadi and Village Industries Commission'.

 Filled to the brim!

My experience:  I bought this body wash mainly because it was budget friendly and had a simple,no-fuss ingredient list. It lathers really well. Unlike conventional SLS containing body washes,the lather is airy and light weight and washes off easily. I like how it cleans the skin without stripping it off all its natural oil.You may even skip the body lotion unless you live in a dry climate or have dry skin. The fragrance is the main put-off factor for me because i am not a big fan of lavender & patchouli and this body wash has a very strong scent of both. I would've loved it if it was mild and soothing.

  • Budget friendly.
  • Simple,natural and safe ingredient list.
  • Lathers well and washes off easily.
  • Cleans skin without stripping it off all its natural oil.
  • Sharp strong fragrance.Not an issue if you love lavender and patchouli. 

Rating: 3.5/5

My Conclusion: I will not repurchase this because of its fragrance. Otherwise,it a good budget friendly natural bodywash. Go for it if you love lavender and patchouli scent.

Have you used this bodywash? How was your experience? Share it in the comments below.


  1. Thanks Sirisha.. Nice review.. Kept it up.. :)