Monday, November 21, 2016

Haul Time! BON and Rustic Art.

Haul time people! *Woohooooo*!

The first one is from BON-Bio Organic & Natural - Auroville. Look at the packaging! Cool..right? <3

Based on first impressions, I am super dooper tooper excited about two of them! Can you guess which ones? ;) I know i know.. i did not write their names but, you can describe them by their shape and size..okay? ;D

And, this one is from Rustic Art. Yes..yes.. it's a Men's shampoo :P but, i am trying it anyway because, this is the only variant that contains Argan oil. :D Having mixed first impressions for now. We'll see how it performs with time and different given conditions.

Will review them all soon. :)

This whole week, i will be absent here.. because, i am going to my hometown to attend the wedding celebrations of my cousin. As i will be occupied with family, you may or may not see a scheduled post. So, will see you all the week after. :) <3




  1. Nice haul. I am guessing its a Bon Organics shampoo or lotion and a moisturizer ;) Would like reviews on them...

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    1. Nope. No shampoo or lotion this time. You'll know what it is real soon ;D