Saturday, January 14, 2017

Last forest Pebbles Soaps-Jasmine, Lemongrass and Basil review

Review of the Last forest's Pebbles Soap-'Jasmine' .

About the brand:

Last Forest Enterprises is a marketing initiative of Keystone Foundation – it aims to spread the message of:

*small indigenous farmers and gatherers.
*value added organic produce.
*biodiversity and food security.
*indigenous knowledge, traditions and crafts.
*sustainable harvesting & farming methods.
*local employment & markets.
*fair trade principles.

Last Forest also promotes products from other areas in the country, with similar values. It runs a chain of 3 stores in Tamil Nadu. It procures produce from over 60 groups across the country and supplies to over 40 retailers.

Last forest is now a World Fair Trade Certified Organisation bringing you fair trade goods to your doorstep.

Let's move on to the review of these aromatic soaps now...

Both Basil and Lemongrass look similar like this.

The Jasmine one looks like this.

My Experience:

I love collecting pebbles. I just love the word 'Pebbles'!. So, when i saw these on the shelves of 'Dhanyam organic store-chennai', i just grabbed them without any second thoughts. :P :D 

All three of them are really good SLS free natural soaps. They lather awesome and don't dry the skin. As for fragrance, the Jasmine one has the most beautiful scent of them all and leaves behind a beautifully fragant skin. It is also my personal favourite. Both Lemongrass and Basil smell mildly of their respective fragrances.

Pebbles did not disappoint afterall! :D


*SLS free.
*Paraben and Petrochemical free.
*Leaves the skin moisturized and fragrant.
*Biodegradable and Eco-friendly.
*Made by a World Fair Trade Certified Organisation.


*Lathers less in hard water.

Do i recommend? Yes, if you have soft water supply. The jasmine one especially. And also because of all their noble efforts towards preserving the planet and humanity. <3

This is a part of the "Soapathon" series.

So, Do you like pebbles too? Tell me about it! :)

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