Sunday, March 26, 2017

Soulflower Pure Glycerin Veg Soap 'Orange' Review

Soulflower Pure Glycerin Veg Soap 'Orange' Review

First of yummy does this soap look! Heaven lot. Right?

It looked like some one froze Goldspot(if anyone remembers that good 'ol fizzy orange drink) in a rose mould. Yummmm....

That was my first reason to buy it.

Second was that it was from Soulflower. Because, i love most of the soaps they make. Let's see how this one fared.

Price: 150/-INR

  What the Brand says:

Every day your skin comes in contact with dirt, pollution, wind, sun & sweat. Inspite of these setbacks, you can still have the softest, most gentlest skin. Natural nutrients gently & effectively lightens dark spots for a more youthful & even toned radiant skin. The rich lather rinses completely leaving no residue, while orange peel powder deep cleanses to remove dirt, bacteria and oil & exfoliates dead skin cells for blemish free dear skin, Works wonders on troubled teenage & oily skin. Glycerin has humectants properties, attracting moisture to your skin making it softer & smoother, one of the reasons that our soaps are so beautiful on the skin. This soap does not use any animal produce like milk or honey.


When Soulflower introduced Glycerin soaps, i was really excited because it was winter and i thought it would be perfect to keep my skin moisturized. And after reading the above description and claims i couldn't wait but order it immediately. 

I imagined a super moisturizing soap bursting with Orange flavour. But, sadly, neither the scent nor the moisturizing capability impressed me. The scent was far from refreshing Orange because it smelt like strong bitter soapy orange. And instead of moisturizing, it dried out my skin! That too when i was living in a wet humid climate!! I do not know why it did that in spite of being filled with glycerin!!!


I wish this soap worked. Soulflower Pure Glycerin Veg Soap 'Orange' is Seriously disappointing! There are better glycerin natural soaps available out there for even lesser price. So, i wouldn't recommend buying this. 

psssttt...It looks sooo pretty that you can use it to make some soap art may be.. :P :D

P.S: This Soap is the answer for This Guess the post.
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  1. Soulflower is a good brand. But this soap looks disappointing. Thanks for the honest review :)

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    1. Thank you so much Archugs :) Soulflower is a really good brand. I wish this one worked. :(