Sunday, April 9, 2017

Natural Beauty/Home/Pet Product Finds at "Savayava Siridhanya Mela - Millet Exhibition and Trade Fair", Bengaluru.

Hello.. Hello.. Hello.. after a long looong loooooong episode of Disappearence! :D

After joining as a "Freelance Photographer" at 'The Green path Organic state', i've got too many events(like, events hosted by Agriculture minister/projects(like, for 'swiggy' app) to shoot, edit and post that i am getting too exhausted and am finding absolutely NO TIME to write over here! :(

 But, one plus point of this job is that i get to attend events like this one: "Savayava Siridhanya Mela - Millet Exhibition and Trade Fair" that was on March 26, 2017 at the Govt. Model Primary school play ground, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. The Objective of this event was to promote the local super food: Millets and Organic/Non-Toxic products.

Although it was too hot and draining in an open ground with no trees whatsoever, i managed to browse a few interesting stalls that displayed products worth a glance.

So, here i am sharing with you all my finds at the event. :)

This lovely old lady Ms.Sharmila joshi who is a practitioner Aroma therapist(NAHA) USA and the Founder of 'Swati aroma wonders' had such a huge spread that it compelled me to stop at her stall. She had a multitude of 100% Natural products like Kajal, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow, Face powders, Kumkum, Body perfume, Gel for Grey hair, Steam distilled floral/herb waters, Balms, Soaps, Cold pressed Oils, Baby care products and much more. If you want to have a look at the whole catalogue that lists a huge range of products, just mail me and i'll forward you the pic.

She also teaches a Certificate course in Aroma therapy. If interested, contact her at

Lipgloss(It did not give any noticeable colour payoff though :/ ) and other Makeup products.

Amazing smelling Vetiver water.

Next i stumbled upon this Interestingly named Brand called "Do Bandar"(which literally translates to 'Two Monkeys') :D It seems to have been founded by two girls who are best friends. And while naming the brand, they finalised on what they call themselves..i.e, 'Do Bandar'! Ha ha ha :D

 They had interesting Natural soaps like 'Vanilla Cinnamon', 'Basil-Camphor-Turmeric' and much more. They also had Natural Pet soaps and Paw balms that made the 'Pet lover' in me really happy! :) <3

Their Website:

Finally, there was this Home products related brand called "Bubble nut wash" that makes Eco-friendly and Skin friendly Laundry and Dish wash products made out of Pure 'Soap nuts' plucked from trees in Himalayas.

Their website:

Here's the product that stole my heart! <3 If you want to know what it is, wait for it on my Instagram! ;D My Instagram id: 'vanityrehab'

I also Stumbled up on a Brand called 'Habicaf' that makes ready to consume South Indian style 'Chicory based Coffee decoction'. Being a Filter coffee lover, i tasted it, loved it and had to buy one. They practice Eco-Friendly grounds disposal and also use them in many different ways like composting and fertilizing. (will share a pic soon)

Their Facebook page.

There was this 'Cooking Millets in different ways' Live Demonstration going on. But, i had to leave because the heat was exhausting me and i couldn't bear it anymore. Anyways... no loss because, i myself work at a place where they have a Restaurant called 'Forgotten food: Meet the Millet' that specifically serves food made out of Millets and i get to savour it everyday! ;)

Have you attended this Exhibition/fair too? If yes, i would love to hear your experience. :)



  1. Looks like you had a good time there :) I've tried Patchouli Do Bandar Soap, and it's smells so nice and refreshing. I would love to explore other brands you've mentioned here :)

    1. Yup! I definitely did safi :) I just wish it was a cloudy day. :/ Oh great! I really want to try their 'vanilla-cinnamon' variant.