Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pro Nature Organic Atta Vermicelli Review. A 'Health'ified and 'Taste'ified Staple.

Vermicelli, Semiya, Shavige, Sevai, Sawine …..and whatever infinite names it is called by, is one of the staple food products that almost every Indian kitchen possesses. While ‘Upma’ is made almost thrice a week in South Indian homes, Kheer/Payasam is made on 80% of the festive occasions. Vermicelli that we get in India is usually made out of Maida. But recently, Pro Nature has introduced organic wheat vermicelli in to the Indian market. So let’s see if the Pro Nature Organic Atta Vermicelli can beat the reputation of the classic Maida/Refined flour vermicelli.

Pro Nature Organic Foods (P) Ltd is a Bangalore based Organic Food marketer. At Pro Nature we are committed to provide 100% Certified Organic Food Products to our customers.

Being a pro-women organization, our production work force largely comprises women and we support women driven initiatives.
Since 2006, Pro Nature has positively impacted livelihoods of hundreds of rural women who participate in our supply chain. We are committed to increase this impact every year.

Pro Nature Atta Vermicelli: Is the first organic atta vermicelli in India. It is a unique product which is made with Wheat Flour and no maida. It is priced just at Rs 40/- for 180 g pack.


Before receiving this Pro Nature Organic Atta Vermicelli, i kept on thinking that the strands are going to be super thick since it is made out of wheat, It is going to be super duper difficult to roast and then to cook. But, but but but but proved me wrong in every way! The strands were super thin, got roasted quickly and It’s super easy to cook! And they did not become pasty like the maida ones and did hold their shape really well even after i forgot to check on it and left it a little longer on the stove.

Usually, to me, the Wheat version of any Maida based food product tastes Bleh. But, after i made a dish out of this Pro Organic Atta Vermicelli and put the first 1/4th spoon(since i was concerned about the taste) in my mouth, it erased all such concerns right that moment. It Tasted Ahhhhhmazzzzzing! Far better than the Maida version! I Loved it to the core! <3

And, another Good News is: At 40/- INR per 180 gm packet, It’s Super Duper Truper Affordable. Never before was Healthy Organic Food So Affordable.

Rating: 5/5. 10/10. 100/100. <3

My Conclusion:
Just run to either a local organic shop that stocks Pro Nature products or and get yourself a few packets of this staple and be ready to win the hearts of the people you cook it for over and over and over.......(to the power of Infinity) Again. ;)

I cooked a Simple but Super Mouth Watering Dish using the Pro Nature Organic Atta vermicelli and Trust me, it Won Everyone’s Heart in my family. I Will share the recipe in the next post. Till then, Here's a Puzzle Pic of the main Ingredients:

Can you Guess what all the Dish is made out of??? ;) This Pic contains 9 of them. Tell me what all you found in the Comments section below. I'll be looking forward to it. :) If you need the Un Re-Sized Picture which you can Zoom much more to have a look at the ingredients, just Shoot Me an E-mail:

See you in the Next Post with the Recipe. My First Food Blog! :D

Infinite Love,

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